Letter from 2017 Chairman of the Board

Dear friends of Carroll County and the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce,  


I am honored and humbled to serve as the Chair of the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce for 2017.  I follow a strong legacy of leaders who have worked together with the staff, board, community, and businesses to make Carroll County the best place to live, work and play. 

Carroll County has changed greatly in the last 62 years as we have learned that we can use the best resource we have-- our people-- to improve economic and community development. Over the years we have faced challenges, but I want us to be able to look back and say we are better because of the challenges we overcame together to make Carroll County what it is today.  Throughout it all, the Chamber has been an encouragement and resource to lead the way for the future. 

We have looked back, and now, to build upon the successes that we have achieved, I want us to "Launch into the Future."  To start, let's reflect on ourselves personally and professionally.  Where are we?  Have we put down our anchor and held on for dear life out of fear and desperation?  Do we need to look towards the members of our Chamber and community that can be lighthouses to guide us into the future? Have we already launched our ships and --sailing in the right direction-- need to help those coming behind us?  This kind of self-evaluation isn't always easy, but as past chair Gary Hewitt said last year, "We're All in this Together."  As we grow and succeed individually, we build our community together.  Together we can continue to make Carroll County the best place to live, work and play in the future, too. 

I look forward to working alongside each of you.  I will be reaching out to many of you this year to get your opinions because I sincerely want to hear them.  Please contact me with your concerns and suggestions at amy@amybrown.biz. 

All the best,



Amy Brown 

2017 Chairman of the Board


Click here to download the 2017 Program of Work.