Business Development Committee

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Amy Brown                                             Gary Hewitt

State Farm Insurance                             Southland Insurance Agency

2018 Committee Chair                            2018 Committee Chair                        


Goal: To focus on small business development, entrepreneurship and start-ups


  • Select the “Small Business Person of the Year” award
  • Select the "Start-Up Business of the Year" award
  • Hold monthly seminars with a focused theme
  • Broaden the minority representation and countywide representation on the committee
  • Conduct "Business of the Month" and have it tied to #ThinkCarrollFirst campaign
  • Strategically work with UWG, RCOB, WGTC and the SBDC with a focus on financial literacy, creating solid business plans and retail development
  • Continue to promote the Burson Center
  • Support #thinkcarrollfirst campaign
  • Promote & support tourism opportunities in Carroll County



Small Business Person of the Year Criteria

Small Business of the Year Winners